Friday, June 9, 2017

Fall Finds #5 2016

The Coventry CT show delivered me a nice unlisted RI patent medicine. Oxolo was sold by the Oxolo Chemical Co. in Providence. I posted this one a while ago under a “Not mine” entry, but now I can proudly claim one!

A local art festival yielded two yard sales sporting bottles. Among a dismal table of junk bottles I spotted a Batchelor's priof top soda. This unusual style top was more popular with food bottles, but it never caught on. I have a smaller example, so this is my second one!

I literally stumbled upon a nice circa 1910 dump right in plain sight of the public. I couldn't believe it had not been dug! My heart really started racing when I dug a Grady the Apothecary Olneyville Sq. Providence, RI medicine. It was completeley unlisted, and Olneyville meds are pretty tough, so I was a happy digger!

Also from the same dump was a No. Main St. Wine Co. Providence, RI blob. This one has a mysterious block letter H on the front, which the others don't have.

Another ebay pickup was a D.F. Goodnow & Co. Providence, RI pharmacy bottle. While badly damaged, this is a rare and early Prov medicine, which was unlisted to boot!

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