Friday, June 9, 2017

Fall Finds #4 2016

The fall tailgate show was another winner. I didn't add a ton of new bottles, but a couple were nice surprises. My favorite was a National Bottling Co. Cranston, RI deco soda. The National Bottling Co. bottles from Providence are pretty common, but this is the first one I've seen from Cranston. Additionally, unlisted RI deco sodas are some of my favorites!

I spotted a clear ABM Phosa soda in an antique shop. I've only seen aqua ones, so this one was new!

Another common blob is a Bernard Conaty Co. Providence, RI. This happened to be a crown top version, which isn't listed.

A rare Potter's Pharmacy Providence, RI with an embossed owl showed up on ebay recently. I knew it wasn't going to go cheap, but I knew I might not see another for years. Turns out it was an unlisted version!

A visit to my favorite city dump produced a really nice pharmacy bottle! A John F. Oates Providence, RI with an embossed bundle of oats made my day. This version had the oats at the top of the bottle, making it unlisted.

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