Friday, June 9, 2017

Fall Finds #3 2016

In case you were wondering, I'm still here!  Apologies for the hiatus, between getting a new job and no longer being single, downtime has become an increasingly rare commodity!  Don't worry though, I've been busy digging and finding plenty of new bottles.  

One of my most sought-after locals is the super rare Wright & Clarke Pure Drugs Wakefield, RI. It is the earliest Wakefield bottle, and when I saw this rectangular one (the only other known example is square), I knew I had a killer bottle!

Another very exciting find was this medicine, The Chase Pharmacy Smithfield Ave. Pawtucket, RI. Also completely unlisted, this late style dates to circa 1920.

An early Jones & Davis Pharmacists Central Falls, RI was a welcome addition to the collection. I have a square one with nearly identical embossing, but this one is rectangular.

Yes, I don't want to forget the lowly Everett & Barron Co. Shoe Polish Providence, RI. This example is an ABM cork top and happens to be one I don't have.

I finally added a small size square H.J. Watson Providence druggist. That makes 8 different Watson bottles so far!

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