Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fall Finds #2 2016

This entry continues the box of unlisted RI medicines from the last post.

Another completely unlisted and very exciting find was a W.H. Abbott Pharmacist Pawtucket, RI. Not only a nice large bottle, it was an older one dating to the early 1880s. You just don't find bottles like this!

A pair of scarce Herbert Haynes Apothecary Providence, RI showed up in the unlisted sizes of 3-7/8” and 4-3/8”.

A square H.J. Watson 31 Aborn St. Providence, RI was only listed as a rectangular bottle.

A rectangular Horatio J. Watson 31 Aborn St. Providence, RI showed up in an unlisted 5-1/2” size.

A 4-3/4” H.V. O'Donnell Pharmacist Providenece, RI was an unlisted size. This is a scarce bottle, so it's exciting to see one in an unlisted size!

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