Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fall Finds #1 2016

The first big surprise from the box was a completely unlisted N.C. Arnold Pharmacist Providence, RI. I have seen ads from this pharmacist, but never a bottle!

An E.T. Luther Druggist Olneyville, RI showed up in an unlisted 4-1/4” size.

My large collection of Wm. B. Blanding Pharmacist Providence, RI bottles grew even more with an unlisted 6-1/4” square variant.

I also added an unlisted 4-1/4” size Wm. B. Blanding Pharmacist Providence, RI in the scarcer rectangle shape.

A surprisingly hard to find J. Fred Gibson Pharmacist Providence, RI turned up in an unlisted 3-1/2” size. They are very common with Co. (for company) after Gibson, this one is an earlier version.

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