Friday, June 9, 2017

Fall Finds # 7 2017

A large collection was liquidated somewhere in northern RI, and bottles started popping up all over the place. I was a little late to the game, but a friend of mine bought a Miller's Pharmacy Pascoag, RI pharmacy bottle. It was a marvelous unlisted 8” example, and when he told me he was selling it I couldn't say no!

I finally got to meet up with a local digger who sold me a few bottles. Among them was a fascinating soda embossed Fall River, Taunton, C.H.H., Newport, New Bedford. While it's only ¼ RI, it's 100% cool, as the other one I have like it has Coca-Cola on the shoulder!

Another antiquing find was fairly mundane, but a heel embossed Nasonville Bottling Co. was unlisted in clear.

I bought yet another George A. Peckham Grocers Supplies Providence, RI to add to the horde. This one is an early 6” version.

I returned to a massive 1920-30s dump recently, and to my delight it started producing quite a few late throws! A large Caswell, Massey & Co. NY & Newport medicine was a most welcome find.

Fall Finds #6 2016

The Keene show never fails to produce some rare bottles. I was pretty excited to find a J. Harvey & Co. Providence, RI emerald green squat blob. Normally found with block letter embossing, this is a harder to find version, and in green it was unlisted!

I was able to win a Byron A. Smith Olneyville, RI etched dose cup. We haven't started to list etched dose cups yet, but I think soon that will change!

A friend of mine decided to part with some of her RI bottles. Among them was a C.S. Thomas Providence, RI medicine. It is poorly described online, so I can't say for sure if it unlisted.

Also in the lot was a fancy E.F. Mattison Providence, RI medicine. The address 277 Westminster was not listed online.

I have a bunch of Girard bottles, but not this one! An early ABM Girard Spring Water & Bottling Co. N. Providence, RI has been holding out on me. No longer! I dug a damaged one, and coincidentally a friend listed one on ebay.

Fall Finds #5 2016

The Coventry CT show delivered me a nice unlisted RI patent medicine. Oxolo was sold by the Oxolo Chemical Co. in Providence. I posted this one a while ago under a “Not mine” entry, but now I can proudly claim one!

A local art festival yielded two yard sales sporting bottles. Among a dismal table of junk bottles I spotted a Batchelor's priof top soda. This unusual style top was more popular with food bottles, but it never caught on. I have a smaller example, so this is my second one!

I literally stumbled upon a nice circa 1910 dump right in plain sight of the public. I couldn't believe it had not been dug! My heart really started racing when I dug a Grady the Apothecary Olneyville Sq. Providence, RI medicine. It was completeley unlisted, and Olneyville meds are pretty tough, so I was a happy digger!

Also from the same dump was a No. Main St. Wine Co. Providence, RI blob. This one has a mysterious block letter H on the front, which the others don't have.

Another ebay pickup was a D.F. Goodnow & Co. Providence, RI pharmacy bottle. While badly damaged, this is a rare and early Prov medicine, which was unlisted to boot!

Fall Finds #4 2016

The fall tailgate show was another winner. I didn't add a ton of new bottles, but a couple were nice surprises. My favorite was a National Bottling Co. Cranston, RI deco soda. The National Bottling Co. bottles from Providence are pretty common, but this is the first one I've seen from Cranston. Additionally, unlisted RI deco sodas are some of my favorites!

I spotted a clear ABM Phosa soda in an antique shop. I've only seen aqua ones, so this one was new!

Another common blob is a Bernard Conaty Co. Providence, RI. This happened to be a crown top version, which isn't listed.

A rare Potter's Pharmacy Providence, RI with an embossed owl showed up on ebay recently. I knew it wasn't going to go cheap, but I knew I might not see another for years. Turns out it was an unlisted version!

A visit to my favorite city dump produced a really nice pharmacy bottle! A John F. Oates Providence, RI with an embossed bundle of oats made my day. This version had the oats at the top of the bottle, making it unlisted.

Fall Finds #3 2016

In case you were wondering, I'm still here!  Apologies for the hiatus, between getting a new job and no longer being single, downtime has become an increasingly rare commodity!  Don't worry though, I've been busy digging and finding plenty of new bottles.  

One of my most sought-after locals is the super rare Wright & Clarke Pure Drugs Wakefield, RI. It is the earliest Wakefield bottle, and when I saw this rectangular one (the only other known example is square), I knew I had a killer bottle!

Another very exciting find was this medicine, The Chase Pharmacy Smithfield Ave. Pawtucket, RI. Also completely unlisted, this late style dates to circa 1920.

An early Jones & Davis Pharmacists Central Falls, RI was a welcome addition to the collection. I have a square one with nearly identical embossing, but this one is rectangular.

Yes, I don't want to forget the lowly Everett & Barron Co. Shoe Polish Providence, RI. This example is an ABM cork top and happens to be one I don't have.

I finally added a small size square H.J. Watson Providence druggist. That makes 8 different Watson bottles so far!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fall Finds #2 2016

This entry continues the box of unlisted RI medicines from the last post.

Another completely unlisted and very exciting find was a W.H. Abbott Pharmacist Pawtucket, RI. Not only a nice large bottle, it was an older one dating to the early 1880s. You just don't find bottles like this!

A pair of scarce Herbert Haynes Apothecary Providence, RI showed up in the unlisted sizes of 3-7/8” and 4-3/8”.

A square H.J. Watson 31 Aborn St. Providence, RI was only listed as a rectangular bottle.

A rectangular Horatio J. Watson 31 Aborn St. Providence, RI showed up in an unlisted 5-1/2” size.

A 4-3/4” H.V. O'Donnell Pharmacist Providenece, RI was an unlisted size. This is a scarce bottle, so it's exciting to see one in an unlisted size!

Fall Finds #1 2016

The first big surprise from the box was a completely unlisted N.C. Arnold Pharmacist Providence, RI. I have seen ads from this pharmacist, but never a bottle!

An E.T. Luther Druggist Olneyville, RI showed up in an unlisted 4-1/4” size.

My large collection of Wm. B. Blanding Pharmacist Providence, RI bottles grew even more with an unlisted 6-1/4” square variant.

I also added an unlisted 4-1/4” size Wm. B. Blanding Pharmacist Providence, RI in the scarcer rectangle shape.

A surprisingly hard to find J. Fred Gibson Pharmacist Providence, RI turned up in an unlisted 3-1/2” size. They are very common with Co. (for company) after Gibson, this one is an earlier version.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Summer Finds #10 2016

Well it has been a while!  I must apologize for the hiatus, I was busy going out and digging for bottles, and in my state of bliss neglected this wonderful blog.  I guess it's time to play catch up!  Let's get to it, shall we?

At a club meeting I picked up a United States Bottling Co. Providence, RI blob.  Normally sporting a nice embossed eagle on the shoulder, this example had no eagle, and surprise!  That was unlisted.

Also from the meeting was a beautiful John E. Potter Pharmacist Providence, RI medicine.  This was a rather ornate example, with embossing in a ribbon, a scale and a mortar and pestle.  Add that all together and presto!  An undocumented variant.

A collector of RI bottles from a certain city recently found a box of bottles he forgot he had, and boy was it a jackpot!  Almost all of the bottles were unlisted.  A John E. Good Importer Providence, RI quart whiskey was the first one to surface.  This bottle is only listed in smaller sizes.

A familiar face was a Wm. Boardman Pharmacist Lonsdale, RI.  It was yet another unlisted size at 4-7/8".
picture coming!

Another familiar bottle was an S.W. Himes & Co. Pharmacists Phenix, RI.  At 4-1/2" it was also an unlisted size.