Monday, June 6, 2016

Spring Finds #7 2016

Have you ever been told about a dump and thought to yourself “sure, I'll check it out someday”? Well, over 5 years ago a friend told me about a dump in northern RI. It was a little too far for my liking, and it sounded like it was dug out. Well, I was wrong! I finally made it there with another digger, and the place was massive. You could tell it was dug for years, but there was still a lot left. Right away I found a rare small town medicine embossed Walter B. Peck Pharmacist Lonsdale, RI. It was an unlisted large size, so the hunt was on!

Shortly afterwards I found a W.E. Wilson Pharmacist Lonsdale, RI. This one was completely unlisted. Even though it was damaged, I was thrilled to find it.

A Craigslist ad led me to a Jones & Davis Central Falls medicine. While these are documented, this was an unlisted 6” size.

On our second trip back to the northern RI dump, I found a W.H. Boardman Pharmacist Lonsdale, RI medicine. These are listed, but not this giant 8-1/2” size. While it was so damaged that it was barely in one piece, it's worth hanging on to until I find one in better shape.

A fellow digger gave me a bottle he recently found embossed Knowlton's Pharmacy Olneyville, RI. I must say it brought back memories, because a Knowlton's was one of the first unlisted medicines I ever acquired! This one was damaged, but a new 4” size.
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Spring Finds #6 2016

Every 5-10 years, a really special RI bottle surfaces. When I saw an unlisted pontiled bottle embossed Mineral Waters Providence, RI ICW show up on ebay, I got a pretty good dose of adreanaline! Pontiled RI sodas (or mineral waters) are pretty hard to come by. They are also well documented, so it's very exciting for a brand new one to show up. It took me some time, but I was able to match the initials to an Isaac C. Williston, a bottler in the 1850s. The owner had second thoughts about selling it, and pulled the listing, but after messaging him, we were able to settle on a price. It is now one of the most important RI bottles in my collection!

Speaking of special bottles, you could imagine my surprise when someone posted a recently dug Ashworth & Jackson XCLR Mineral Waters Lonsdale, RI Codd on Facebook! Despite missing the top, it was the second best known example. Even more surprising is that it was different than the one I have! Is has A & J embossed on the base. I was able to buy it from the person who dug it, and now have a total of four different RI Codd bottles.

That same digger also had another exciting bottle embossed F.W. Westcott Fine Perfumes Pawtucket, RI. Perfumer bottles from RI are few and far between, and this one was no exception!

Also found at the city dump from the last post was a beautiful John E. Potter Providence, RI medicine. While a few of Mr. Potters bottles are listed, this one had all the embossing in a fancy ribbon.

One of the criers from the dig was a damaged John Metzger Apothecary Providence, RI. There is only one listed Metzger bottle, and it's not this one!