Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spring Finds #5 2016

My last and certainly favorite find at the Dover show was the extremely rare E.W. Sweet's Rheumatic Liniment Providence, RI. This beautiful bottle just missed getting pontiled by a year or two. For me it's just as exciting as finding a pontiled RI medicine! Dr. Sweet was a famous bone setter.

I was eyeballing a dismal looking group of small bottles on ebay when a Calder's Dentine caught my eye. Why? It was the rare sample size! It's such a common bottle I think the rare variants like this are often overlooked.

The last bottle club meeting provided me with my 3rd quart size Haven's Bottling Works Westerly, RI. This was my first quart in clear, which is unlisted.

A recent pre-Earth Day river clean up allowed me to clear one of my good spots of a lot of junk bottles. Thankfully that's not all I found. A crown top Centerdale Bottling Works Centredale, RI was a possibly (could be RI-858) unlisted find. A common bottle as a blob, this was the first crown top I've seen.

The city dump continues to give! My latest find there was a Ferdinand Smith Providence, RI medicine. There is a “fancy” version listed, but this plain style is not. Mr. Smith later left the druggist business to focus on selling cigars.

Spring Finds #4 2016

Facebook is slowly becoming a better source for finding new bottles, I was recently contacted by someone in Canada who had an Otis Clapp & Son in milk glass! This is one of the holy grails of Otis Clapp bottles, and now I know there are two milk glass variants.

My trip to the Baltimore Bottle Show was quite enjoyable. Among the spoils was the elusive Perry fruit jar! Simply embossed Pat. Aug. 8, 1882 on the lid, this jar was patented by F.H. Perry of Providence, RI.

A lady was recently kind enough to give me a few boxes of bottles dug on her family's property. Most of it was recyclable, but among the lot was a T.M. Morris Bristol, RI soda. Despite the damage, it was different than the examples I have.

One of my favorite New England shows is in Dover, NH. This year was quite rewarding! I snagged a nice M. Lenahan & Co. Family Wine Store Providence, RI whiskey. (explain)

Another prized Dover find was the scarce Inhale Dr. Townsend's Oxygenated Air. One has to wonder if there was anything in the bottle when it was sold!