Thursday, October 2, 2014

Summer Finds #4

I contacted a construction worker on Craigslist, and was greeted with a few boxes full of highly mediocre bottles. I overpaid because there were a few RI sodas, including an Eagle Bottling Co. Providence, RI blob. It is not listed with “This bottle to be returned” embossed on the heel.

A Mass. digger gave me a completely unlisted H.A. Bishop PhG Providence, RI medicine. Despite the appalling condition, it is an exciting find!

Yes, another one! This Otis Clapp & Son Inc. has script embossing, which is not listed. The Clapp horde grows!

I was excited to obtain my second RI dose cup recently. It was a David J. Byrne Newport, RI conical style cup. While a later and less sought after style, I still like it!

mirrored image

A quick after work stop at a salt marsh produced a sharp looking Quaker Club Co. Providence, RI soda. It looked exactly like one I had bought last year, only it was missing the period after Co. Both versions are unlisted.

Summer Finds #3

The club's triannual tailgate show in Richmond, RI had a bustling crowd this July. I was able to acquire yet another New England Bottling Co. Westerly, RI crown top soda. This example does not have a capacity embossed, and brings me up to 12 versions!

I spotted yet another Narragansett Brewing Co. Famous Export Lager Providence beer at the show, and with the damage it had, was able to get it for free! This example lacks any kind of punctuation, making it my 14th Narragansett bottle.

A recent scouting expedition brought me to the rivers of Westerly. Pickings were scarce, but I found a riverbank dump that produced a nice J.H. Blackler Westerly, RI soda. These aren't rare, but of the 9 versions I now have, this is the only one with a round slugplate!

A ways upstream I spotted a green bottle sticking out of the mud. I almost wrote it off as a modern beer bottle, but I'm quite glad I did not! It was a beautiful Havens Bott. Wks. Westerly, RI soda. The green examples are fairly rare, and the abbreviated example is also scarce, making this a one of a kind example!

A fellow collector scooped up a box of blobs at a nearby antique shop, and was generous enough to let me have first pick. I was happy to acquire a Thos. B. McLaughlin Woonsocket, RI semi-squat blob. This example has Registered embossed on the heel, but no “this bottle not to be sold” on the rear heel like the listed example does.