Saturday, July 19, 2014

Spring Finds #9

I have had my sights set on a McKenna & Conaly Cypress St. Providence, RI aqua blob for a while now. As luck had it, one came up on ebay, and I was the only bidder! The interesting part to this blob is that Conaty is misspelled Conaly. Whoops!

Well, it's that time again! My second visit to Brimfield was a successful one! Among a slew of RI bottles were two unlisted examples. My favorite was this Otis Clapp & Son Incorporated 8” amber example. This is a bit larger than your normal “Clapp Incorporated” bottle, and has a commanding presence!

Another impressive bottle was a L.H. Meyer Company Providence quart blob. This hard to find size was unlisted in clear.

Ah yes, yet another Otis Clapp & Son has been found! This small amber square is almost identical to one I bought a month back. However, is is a darker amber, and does not have the M.B.W. trademark on the bottom. Maybe I'm being over-observant, but I think it deserves mention!

One of the newest RI bottles listed on the website is a Saltesea Oysters Providence, RI oyster bucket. This “glass bucket” has a metal handle and heavily lettered screw top. It is only listed in an 8oz. size, but this one is 15oz!

Spring Finds #8

I know, I'm still stuck back in spring, but I'm almost caught up!
A house call in Warren, RI had me in unfamiliar territory. The owner had just moved, and after an hour of searching, I finally found the box of bottles he told me about. My favorite find was a T.M. Morris Bristol, RI crown top soda. These aren't very common to begin with, and this one has a superfluously fancy monogram on the front. Needless to say, that one made the trip worthwhile!

Another bottle from the big haul mentioned in the last post was a J.H. Branaghan Pawtucket, RI blob. Most Branaghans you come across are crown tops, and this blob version was unlisted!

I was about to part with a damaged United States Bottling Co. Providence, RI crown top when I noticed it was unlisted! These liquor bottles with an embossed eagle on the shoulder are pretty much impossible to dislike. Here's my 8th version!

I picked up a nice yellow amber McManus & Meade Bottlers Nasonville, RI crown top at the last bottle club meeting. There are quite a few variants of these bottles, so I wanted to make sure it wasn't a new one. Sure enough, it was! It has a period after Re in registered, which is one of the more bizarre errors I have seen.

A recent trip to the big town dump produced a J.J. Maguire & Co. Providence, RI blob. This example with a round slugplate was unlisted, and became my 5th variant.