Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Finds #5

Just down the road from me I met a “passive bottle collector” who was selling off his collection.  By passive I mean he essentially collected bottles, and put them straight into boxes as they were, dug and dirty!  One that apparently was not dug was a beautiful Bridge Club Beverages Providence seltzer bottle.  There are at least three variants of the Bridge Club seltzers, and only one is listed.

My third version of the mysterious Nutro Registered soda was a quart size.  I was able to do a little more digging on the company, an unfortunately discovered that this was a Boston, Mass. based company.  They did have a location in Providence, however.  A labeled example would be needed to make the final call.
Better picture to come!

An 8oz. Berry Spring Mineral Water Co. Pawtucket, RI made for an unexpected surprise.  While it turned out to be listed (RI-756), the example I had previously believed to be RI-756 was indeed an unlisted variant with no slugplate.

The first nearly intact example of an exceedingly rare RI soda finally came to light recently.  An Angelo DiFiore Pontiac St Natick, RI (presumably a blob) soda was a fine upgrade of my previous shard.

I recently bought a large collection of dug bottles, which was composed mostly of junk bottles.  One of the few keepers was a W.J. Burton & Co. Providence, RI medicine.  The 4-1/8” size was unlisted.

Spring Finds #4

The end of the ides of March get a kickstart with the Dover, NH bottle show.  This has always been a good show to buy at, and this year was no exception!  A Quaker Club Co. Providence ABM crown top got my attention.  There are a few variants from this company, but this one was not among them!

Next up was a Palmer & Madigan Providence, RI quart whiskey.  I had actually seen this one last year, but due to the large number of variants, I didn’t know if I had this one, and let it sit.  Well, I’m glad I picked it up this year!  This unlisted version has “Branch Union Made Po’Keepsie” embossed on the bottom.

A visit to a friend’s legendary “bottle shed” produced a nice Ernst Voigt Newport, RI soda bottle.  It is my first crown top example, and no crown top bottles from this bottler have been recorded!

I was able to trade my friend two milk bottles for a nice early Elmer's Great French Remedy Providence, RI.  This uncommon medicine is listed in six variants.  This is an unlisted and very early example with a long neck and wonderfully crude glass.

Another familiar unlisted face turned up in one of my marsh scouting missions.  I base embossed G.L.C. & Co. medicine rang a bell from a few months ago.  I had dug one in a town dump and linked it to George L. Claflin of Providence.  This example is an older aqua one with a sunken front panel.
picture coming soon!